Recognizing the Value of Companionship in Later Life


We all experience feelings of loneliness at different times in our lives. Nowadays, we can supposedly connect more easily thanks to technology. However, this does not mean that everyone is developing deep and meaningful relationships.

As we age, we begin to struggle with decreasing mobility which makes it difficult to go out and do activities we once enjoyed. Pair that with less-than-savvy technology handling skills, it’s no wonder loneliness is more common in the elderly — a deeply concerning fact when you consider that loneliness is associated with higher risks of psychological illness and premature death.

This is what makes non-medical home care services like companionship, personal care, and homemaking so valuable to the elderly. Just being able to see a friendly and familiar face a few times a week makes a huge difference.

BarCARE Health Homecare Services LLC offers residents of Charlotte NC home healthcare services. Our experts are highly trained to care for seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities. All clients are ensured personalized care and genuine companionship.

We can also cater to families in nearby areas who are looking for a home care agency in North Carolina.

For more information about Home Care in Lincolnton, North Carolina, please feel free to contact us.

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