Light Housekeeping Tips While Someone’s Around


Cleaning the house is an essential part of Charlotte home care. It is about providing care services and making the house a comfortable setting for home healthcare.

Cleaning the house will make the home an ideal Charlotte home health setting. Avoiding dust and cleaning dirty objects decreases having an allergy or infection. If you have a loved one at home, you can perform housekeeping. However, it will be a problem if they are around due to mobility issues.

As a home care agency in North Carolina, we at BarCARE Health Homecare Services LLC have been providing light housekeeping services to our clients. If you have loved ones who cannot move to a different clean place for you to clean properly, here is a list of what you need to do:

  • Change the bed sheet and pillowcase if you can. Allow your loved one to change positions in bed carefully as you remove the old bed sheet and apply the new one.
  • Allow your loved one to wear a mask while you clean. It reduces the possibility of inhaling dust particles and other allergens in the air.
  • Sweeping can increase the possibility of diffusing dust particles in the air. Try using a vacuum.
  • Determine the items or furniture your loved one uses daily, and clean them.

If you are hesitant to clean while your loved one is around, our non-medical home care services can help.

Keeping the home clean maintains your loved one’s health. Our home care in Lincolnton, North Carolina, allows clients to live comfortably at home. To know more about our services, call us.

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