Spotting Signs of Elder Abuse in Home Healthcare


Elders under home care, especially home care in Lincolnton, North Carolina, should be treated with respect and dignity. As the clients avail of home care services, it is a requirement that they receive the appropriate care they need.

Some elders in home care experience abuse from their caregivers- either a loved one or a professional. Thankfully, Charlotte home healthcare guarantees that elders will be in good hands.

This article can provide you with ways to determine if your loved one is experiencing abuse. If you have an elder loved one under the supervision of a caregiver, read this article.

  • Typical forms of abuse

    Establish short communication with your loved one if you have the time. Check if they are comfortable talking to you. Observe if they are showing signs of anxiety or fear while communicating. It can be a sign that they are experiencing physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. If you can, ask your loved one if they are experiencing abuse.

  • Care deprivation

    This can be easy to determine. If your loved one is supposed to receive non-medical home care services, check their routine and health status. Do this by asking if they are receiving proper care services: meal preparation, grooming, medication reminder, and more. For medical care, check if their health has been regressing or worsening.

Prevent any abuse in your elder loved ones by availing of our Charlotte senior care. We at BarCARE Health Homecare Services LLC are experts in providing care for elders.

Our home care agency in North Carolina values the well-being of clients. If you wish to avail of our services, give us a call.

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